72+ Funny Birthday Jokes & Wishes for Kids

Funny Birthday Jokes


A child’s favorite day is their birthday! They are the best of the best on this particular day, and they receive many gifts. Enjoy some of these ridiculously hilarious birthday jokes to celebrate the day!

All of the jokes are clean and appropriate for children, as usual. For our FREE printable jokes that are perfect for lunchboxes or “joke of the day” fun, scroll to the bottom of the page! So go through our collection and discover the best birthday riddles and puns for your family! Funny jokes for kids and for everyone.

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Funny birthday jokes and wishes for kids
  • You are allowed to eat and enjoy your cake.
  • What is served at monsters’ birthday celebrations?
  • What health benefits may birthdays offer?
  • People with numerous birthdays actually live longer, according to studies.
  • Aside than cake and gifts, what do you always receive for your birthday?
  • One more year older.
  • Have you learned about the sale of birthday candles?
  • At her birthday party, why did the birthday girl feel so warm?
  • Everyone was still toasting her!
  • Why did the child receive soap for his birthday?
  • as the gathering was a soap opera!
  • What makes making friends with infants a good idea?
  • It implies that for the course of your life, you will have free cake on their birthday once a year.
  • Why did you fail to give me a birthday gift?
  • I mean, I thought I should surprise you.
  • What did the elephant want for his birthday?
  • A trunk loaded with presents.
  • Which type of birthday cake appeals to ghosts?
  • Things became quite mushy!
  • On his birthday, what would a clam do?
  • It scuttles shells!
  • What type of music terrifies balloons for birthdays?
  • popular music.
  • Why does birthday cake give some people indigestion every time you eat it?
  • What would be the most extravagant birthday celebration you could have for a dog?
  • a sphere.
  • What should be said on a kangaroo’s birthday?
  • Happy Birthday!
  • How should you commemorate your wife’s birthday?
  • Once, forget it.
  • joke about wife’s 26th bday. Saying happy birthday to a fish: what should you say?
  • I hope you celebrate your birthday in style!
  • If birthday cakes are like baseball, why?
  • Both of them require hitters.
  • How can you discern the sadness in a birthday cake?
  • if there are levels.
  • What was the birthday girl’s response from the cake?
  • Do you want a bit of me?
  • Without what, would there ever be a cat birthday party?
  • What do you give a hunter on their birthday?
  • A Pheasant for a birthday.

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  • Why did the birthday cake have the consistency of rock?
  • The cake was marbled.
  • Why was the woman’s birthday celebration limited to thirty seconds?
  • She was thirty-two years old.
  • What is the appropriate birthday gift for a dragon?
  • Why does your birthday fall on a brighter day each year?
  • Everything is illuminated by the embers on your birthday cake!
  • What’s the term for an ill birthday cake?
  • Cake Coughee
  • In paradise, what sort of birthday cake is served?
  • Cake made with angel food.
  • When can you compare a birthday cake to a golf ball?
  • after it has been cut.
  • The dejected birthday cake, what would the fork ask?
  • “What’s chewing you up?”
  • As for kangaroos, why do they commemorate their birthdays every four years?
  • Only in leap years do they get to commemorate them.
  • When one partner began cleaning the dishes on their birthday, what did the other say to the first?
  • What was spoken between the two candles?
  • Birthdays don’t they just make you happy?
  • On its birthday, why was the pig in the kitchen?
  • He was a birthday cake himself, bacon.
  • Was a notable person born on the day you were born?
  • No, just some infants.
  • What is the purpose of placing candles on birthday cakes?
  • thus they cannot be placed at the bottom.
  • Why was the science instructor unable to think of a clever birthday joke?
  • Argon, for all the good ones, that is.
  • What caused the soccer player’s birthday upset?
  • There was a red card given to him.
  • What occurs when a husband asks his spouse to give him a Segway for his birthday?
  • She just shifts the subject.
  • It’s not really necessary for you to wash dishes on your birthday! You are able to
  • I may be wrong, but you better hope he enjoys it!
  • Why are all of my family members always bringing up my birthday age?
  • as age is an ancestral concept.
Inspirational Birthday Messages for Niece
  • Why was the pony unable to sing a happy birthday?
  • She had a somewhat raspy voice.
  • On its birthday, what did the animal wish for?
  • a steady economic environment.
  • Why did a birthday kid use a hammer to shatter his cake?
  • as a result of the pound cake.
  • Do birthday candles of different types burn longer than one another?
  • They don’t all burn as long.
  • How do candles enjoy themselves so much at birthday celebrations?
  • They adore being ignited!
  • What did the hippy serve the cake to her special day party guests?
  • I hope all is well with you.
  • On a birthday cake, what side is the opposite side?

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Funny birthday for kids

Funny Birthday Jokes for Kids

  • What is the birthday celebration of a clam? He abrades shells.
  • What is the birthday song of penguins? – Freeze a cheerful, kind man!
  • On his birthday, what did the mother tiger say to her cub? – It’s the roar birthday.
  • What caused the birthday cake to be as firm as stone? – Since the cake was marbled.
  • What is it about kangaroos’ birthdays that makes them sad? – Only in leap years do they get to commemorate them.
  • For his birthday, what did an elephant wish for? – A trunk loaded with presents.
  • What is the cat’s birthday celebration? – By amplifying the mewsic.
  • It was because so many people were toasting him that the child felt warm on his birthday!
  • Why did the restroom have balloons? – A birthday potty was used.

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  • How much longer does an green candle burn than a pink one? – No, their burn times are same.
  • Which kind of birthday cake are ghosts partial to? Cake, I exclaim.
  • On his birthday, what would you say to your goldfish? – Enjoy an amazing day.
  • On your birthday, what do you always get? An additional year of age.
  • Why can children not recall previous birthdays? Since they are overly preoccupied with the here and now.
  • On his birthday, did the toy bear want cake? No, he was full.
  • Your age is that which rises and never falls.
  • When is a golf ball and a birthday cake alike? As soon as you cut it.
  • Why do we top birthday cakes with candles? Considering that it’s
  • Which type of music is detrimental to balloons? – Pop.
  • On his eightieth birthday, what did the pirate say? – Hey, buddy.
  • On his birthday, what food does a cat choose to eat? – Mouse cream and cake.
  • Have you learned about the birthday of the tree? It was a sentimental one!
  • When does a birthday come to an end? – The Y-character.
  • What was spoken between the two candles? “Don’t you just get burned out on birthdays?”
  • What is the birthday celebration of pickles? They enjoy them.
  • Why was the psychologist visited by the birthday cake? For the reason that it felt crumby.

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